Annual Impact Report 2019

Changemaker Residency 2019 - Annual Impa
Changemaker Residency 2019 - Rapport d'i

Changemaker Residency -Impact Report 2019

Changemaker Residency 2019 - Impact repo
Changemaker Residency 2019 - Rapport d'i

Impact Report 2018

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Learning Outcomes 2018

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Our Collaborative Impact

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Together for Development
2-week intensive program: 28 December 2018 – 12 January 2019
Program developed in partnership with Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa,

in The Kingdom of eSwatini

The Changemaker Residency team helped co-design and run a program which brought forward the topic of ‘development’. Discussions and hands-on workshops enabled the group to unpack the theme of “development”, exploring it through different lenses including gender & health, youth & education, entrepreneurship & innovation, just to name a few... The sessions asked participants to think critically upon the topic, and an incredible wealth of knowledge and diversity of perspectives was surfaced through hearing from the lived experiences of the 39 participants who were from 26 different countries. These international perspectives were balanced with the richness of learning from the local context of eSwatini, where the opportunity to visit different community organizations for 3-days stay offered participants an intimate, on-the-ground understanding of what community engagement and ‘development’ can look like. Toward the end of the program, participants were invited to think about how they could transpose what they learned during the program into world-changing projects they could bring back to their respective homes.


The Future is Now
1-week intensive program: 2 March – 8 March 2019
Program developed and run for UWC Atlantic College, in Wales

The Changemaker Residency team developed a week-long intensive program to support a group of high school students from the UWC Atlantic College in finding their direction and prototyping their first steps in taking their ideas to action. The unique flavour of this short course emerged through conversation with participants prior to the program. Given the exploratory stage of this cohort and their particular interests, we developed a unique set of core curricula and themes tailored to their needs, including: our signature Ikigai workshop, systems thinking and root cause analysis, empathetic listening, storytelling, and much more.

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