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Changemaker Fellows 2018

Our team has experience facilitating programs around the world,
and we are excited to launch this first edition of
Changemaker Residency in Québec, Canada.
Pioneers of our first cohort will have a unique role in co-creating
the future of this new experiential approach to higher education!


July 7th to 22nd, 2018
In the Eastern Townships, Québec, Canada
Rolling Interviews
First Round Decisions: March 31st

We are determined to make changemaker education available to all; therefore, we are offering the program at production cost which will be announced soon! This includes delicious food, a shared-room, in-program transport, all our experiential workshops, guest speakers, field visits, alumni benefits, increased access to a network of changemakers, discounts on other programs, and last but not least, friendships and the memory of the summer of your life! 
(Does not include: Visas, Insurances, Flights).



-We offer a 500 CAD$ discount for bilingual participants from the Eastern Townships.

-We offer a 250 CAD$ discount for those who sign up in pairs (both need to be accepted).


Financial Aid

Do not let finances stop you from becoming a Changemaker Fellow. We are currently raising a fund to help cover the program costs for those in need. The fund will be allocated on an honor-based pledge to give back later. In other words, free education upfront, give back when you gain a wage from your social impact projects. We make this offer because we believe in the quality of our education and have full faith that our changemaker fellows will be equipped with all they need to lead a meaningful life.

The Honourary Pledge

"If and only if Changemaker Residency is life-changing,
I'll seek to change lives of others for the better,
I'll seek to recruit and give back to allow others to join the program,
& I'll update my sponsor on my world-changing projects!"

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