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« How do you contribute the MOST to the world? »

This question gave birth to Changemaker Summer, pondering that question over and over, we realized that the most social impact we could have, would probably come from making 10, 100, or even 150 people constantly ask themselves what they want to contribute to the world, and equipping them with the tools, resources, and network they need to bring their projects to reality!


“How do you spark one’s will to contribute to the world?”

After interviewing community leaders, social innovators, and changemakers, we identified “Exposure” as a key factor to spark people’s will to contribute to a better world. Exposure to the world’s realities (inequalities, injustice, etc…), to the feeling of fulfillment that comes from helping others, and second hand exposures to the stories of inspiring social impact projects.


“How do you equip someone with the mindset, skills, resources, and network needed to contribute to a better world?”


The best way to know is to experience Changemaker Summer! We have collected educationally innovative practices from institutions around the world including UPEACE in Costa Rica (UN mandated university), ImaginEX Japan, Stanford Design School, WatsonU, and many more!


Key Speaker

1. Expose

To feed your will to contribute to the world!

We expose changemakers to the world’s inequalities and challenges, to inspiring guest speakers who took action, and to experiences that will give them a sense of fulfillment. Exposure is often key in sparking one’s desire to contribute to the world as well as to find one’s own calling.


2. Equip

With the skills and mindset needed for any project.

We offer workshops that will help changemakers achieve their goals whether they plan to be a doctor, a musician, or a historian. Workshops will include learning to learn, facilitation skills, self-awareness, storytelling, marketing, systems thinking, networking, empathy and design thinking, finance & fundraising, resiliency, failing, decision making, life coaching, self-care, and ethnographic work.


3. Triangulate

To find how YOU will contribute to the world?

We help changemakers create lifestyles and projects that triangulate what they love doing, their strengths, and what they care about in the world. We believe that to have a lasting social impact, you need to enjoy your daily life.

Professor & Students


Changemaker Summer will bring together 10 changemakers from around the world in Sherbrooke, Canada, where they will develop world-changing lifestyles and social impact projects as leaders, learners, teachers, coaches, and mentors to one another between July 4th and August 2nd, 2018.

Empowering people to live fulfilling lives by contributing to the world!

We believe in everyone’s ability to make positive social changes.
By collecting innovative practices from institutions around the world including UPEACE Costa Rica (UN mandated university), ImaginEX Japan, Stanford Design School, and Watson University, we developed a curriculum that equips aspiring changemakers with the tools, skills, and mindset needed to work with just about anybody, anywhere, anytime, on any world-changing project. 

We are looking for


  1. With a strong will to contribute to a better world
    whether they have a clear project idea in mind or feel clueless about what to do.


  2. With an open-mind
    ready to say « yes » to many opportunities.


  3. Who are honest
    with themselves and with others.


  4. Who have a collaborative mindset
    recognizing the importance of a team.


  5. Who have a Growth Mindset
    seeing themselves as life-long learners who value constructive feedback.


  6. Who Care
    for people, for the planet, and for the material used.




Shaping Changemakers : Education should not just be about making a career, it should be about creating a fulfilling lifestyle that combines what one loves doing, their strengths, and what they care about in the world.


Having Ripple Effects: We shape changemakers and equip them with tools, knowledge, and skills to influence positively those around them through teaching, coaching, and role-modeling.


Promoting Changemaker Education: By combining educational innovations, we aspire to influence individuals and institutions to adopt principles of changemaker education.


Why would we trap ourselves between 4 walls, when we can use an entire community as our classroom. We teach life-coaching while hiking a mountain, we talk about the paradigm of choice and decision making at the local ice cream factory, and we learn from members of the community.



Welcome to a new classroom :

The Eastern Townships



Diversity as a Strength

We see richness in diversity of thoughts, actions, and believe that reaching full potential comes from weaving different people’s ideas together.


Process over Result

We believe life is not about getting to a goal, it’s about enjoying every step.


Critical & Systems Thinking

We strive for the optimal balance between building a complex understanding and taking action.


Dedication & Perseverance

We dedicate ourselves to our work not because we have to, but because we want to.


Transparency & Copylefting

Contrary to copyrighting, we are a horizontal and transparent organization growing through sharing.

Fulfilling Lifestyles

We strive to make every moment – meals, workshops, transitions – fun and inspirational.


Good Food & Fitness

Education should never compromise our physical health, we believe it is as important to feed our bodies as it is to feed our mind.

Our Team

Clément Moliner-Roy

Lead Facilitator

Originally from Québec, Canada, Clément Moliner-Roy self-declares himself a citizen of the world; he has spent 6 years studying and working internationally in Wales, USA, Peru, and China. His last 2 summers were spent in Hiroshima, Japan where he is supporting HELIO, a program aiming to launch a new era of Japanese higher education and to open an international education center in 2019. After promoting educational innovation in Japan, Clément decided it was time to bring the most innovative practices in changemaker education back to Québec, Canada.



Business Advisors:
Jay Friedlander – Professor in Sustainable Business at College of the Atlantic
Alain-Olivier Debois – Impact Investor and Coach at Espace-inc, Esplanade, SVX MaRS


Educational Advisors:
Ken Hill – Academic Dean at College of the Atlantic
Bonnie Tai – Director of Educational Studies at College of the Atlantic
Linda Fuller – Associate Director of Educational Studies at College of the Atlantic
Raiki Machida – CEO of ImaginEX japan

Support Team:
Sahra Gibson – Program Development
Sahar Golshan – Program Development
Alyce Boyd – Editor



Children coloring

4. Experience

To find who you want to impact.

Making change often starts by influencing others, not only we believe its important for changemakers to learn to teach, we give them an opportunity to work with different demographics (youth, elders, special need, etc...) to help them find what’s right for them.


5. Reflect

To realign your actions and values.

Sometimes we are too busy to reflect and ask ourselves what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong, and what we could do better. We set time on a regular basis to reflect, and will do a week-long nature retreat to reflect on personal growth, on group goals, and gather feedback to help us rethink education.

Coworkers plan work

6. Plan & Launch

To make your projects come true. 

Inspired by the best practices of social entrepreneurship bootcamp, (Design Thinking, Lean Design, Abundant Cycle, and many more),  we support changemakers in making a personal action plan that will leave them more prepared than ever for their future.



Know an aspiring changemaker?

Student Doing Homework

Are you ready for  the





We will learn as much as we can,

& will have as much fun as we can! 

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