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 Our curriculum combines innovative practices from institutions around the world including U.N.-mandated UPEACE in Costa Rica, ImaginEx Japan, Stanford Design School, College of the Atlantic, and Watson Institute, to equip fellows with the tools, skills, and mindsets needed to work with just about anyone, anywhere, anytime on any world-changing project. 

We are currently in the midst of negotiating some partnerships, stay tuned for details about our next programs!




Residency 2018

We are looking for


  1. With a strong will to contribute to a better world
    whether they have a project idea in mind or don't know where to start


  2. With an open mind
    ready to say « yes » to new experiences


  3. Who are honest
    with themselves and others


  4. Who have a collaborative mindset
    recognizing the importance of a team


  5. Who care for
    both people and the planet

    *Must be 18 years or older*

    *If you have already launched your project and are in business development phase, please contact us prior to applying to see if the program is a fit for you*

Prospective Fellows


Key Speaker


-The inner journey-

Through experiential workshops, visits to mission-driven organizations and conversations with inspiring guest speakers, we will take our changemaker fellows on a journey to develop the changemaker attributes and explore their potential to create positive change while addressing the 5P's: people, planet, peace, partnerships, and profit.    



-Finding your calling-

Drawing on the Japanese concept of Ikigai, "reason to live," our centerpiece is a creative process through which our changemakers will combine their strengths, interests, and the causes they care about into world-changing projects, scaffolding their ideas into achievable steps. These projects could be anything: an outdoor leadership school for students with limited movement, a dance group for local immigrants, a farm plan, an environmental campaign, even a project for an existing businessanything!



-The outer journey-

We will then equip our changemaker fellows with an array of tools and skills they can use throughout their lives to take ideas to action. These will include storytelling, marketing, fundraising, non-violent communication, design thinking, systems thinking, the innovation matrix, and much more!

Progam Highlights


Why would we limit ourselves to a classroom with four walls when we can use an entire community as our learning grounds? We do life-coaching while hiking Mount Orford, we talk about the paradigm of choice and decision-making at the local ice cream factory, we explore leadership styles in a local arts centre - all the while learning from the rich bilingual culture of Québec.



Welcome to your new classroom:

The Eastern Townships


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Mont Orford
Mont Orford

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Auberge Jeunesse Magog Orford
Auberge Jeunesse Magog Orford

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Our Campus



“How can we contribute MOST to the world?”

This is the question that gave birth to Changemaker Residency. Through returning to this question again and again, we realized that we could make the most social impact if we supported 10, 100, or even 1000 people to ask themselves what they would want to contribute to the world, and then equip them with the tools, resources, and network needed to bring their projects to life!

“How can you inspire someone to contribute to a better world?”

After interviewing community leaders, social innovators, and changemakers, we identified “exposure” as a key factor in sparking people’s desire to contribute to a better world. This includes exposure to the world’s realities (inequalities, injustice, and social structures) and a broadening of our perception of what’s possible through hearing the stories of others. This, coupled with realizing the intrinsic sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others, is key in igniting one's will to contribute to a better world.

“How can you equip someone with the mindset, skills, resources, and network needed to contribute to a better world?”


The best way to know is to experience Changemaker Residency yourself! We have collected innovative educational practices from institutions around the world including the U.N.-mandated UPEACE in Costa Rica, ImaginEx Japan, Stanford Design School, Watson University, and many more!


Diane Portrait - Kohtaro.jpg

Diane Keyes

-Program Coordinator-


Diane has several years of leadership and facilitation experience running youth leadership programs in numerous international contexts. Her passions for dialogue and facilitation have also led her to initiate several projects. Project Conversation, a conversation series aimed at sharing stories of positive change being made by people on a personal and community level. The Women’s Circle, designed to create a safe space for conversation around people’s lived experiences with gender, identity, and sexuality. Diane is dedicated to finding ways to create, in the words of Charles Eisenstein, ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible,’ and is excited to be in service of this vision through the work of Changemaker Residency.

Clément Moliner-Roy

-Founder & Director-

Originally from Québec, Canada, Clément Moliner-Roy is a self-declared citizen of the world. He has spent 6 years studying and working internationally in Wales, USA, Peru, and China. He spent two summers in Hiroshima, Japan where he supported HELIO, a program aiming to launch a new era of Japanese higher education and to open an international education center in 2019. After promoting educational innovation in Japan, Clément decided it was time to bring the most innovative practices in changemaker education back home to Québec, Canada.

manon 2.jpg

Manon Mazenod

-Director of Operations-


Manon has experience in the humanitarian sector where she worked for the French Red Cross as a coordinator of psycho-social activities in a humanitarian camp where she designed activities for migrants. Her experience at the French Red Cross helped her develop empathetic and active listening skills, team management, risks assessment, and project management skills. She is determined to bring hope, tools, and innovation to the new generation for a more ethical and respectful world.

Business Advisors:
Jean Bibeau - Director of the Accélérateur entrepreneurial Desjardins

Jay Friedlander – Professor in Sustainable Business at College of the Atlantic

Educational Advisors:

Linda Fuller – Associate Director of Educational Studies at College of the Atlantic

Bonnie Tai - Director of Educational Studies at College of the Atlantic

Ken Hill – Academic Dean at College of the Atlantic

Chloé Legris - CEO at Espace-inc

Jacques Cloutier - Coach at Accélérateur Entrepreneurial Desjardins

Our Team
Our Founding Questions

Mélanie Champoux

-Researcher in Residence-


The last 14 years have been an opportunity for Mélanie to learn through action thanks to the implementation of a complementary entrepreneurial project combining permaculture and gourmet tourism. Intimate contact with the soil and its proliferation of interdependent living organisms have made her aware of both the great strength and the vulnerability of the ecosystems that carry life. Her immense faith in the human being and in its ability to cooperate with one another has led her to become interested in the field of environmental education. Mélanie is now focusing on participatory action research in order to enlighten a new path for university education.


François Lepine-Cossette

-Wellness Coordinator-

Francois is a believer who does not fear to act. From leading the Marche Kawaii, an 80-day youth project across Quebec, to Put Your Color, a cross-cultural art platform for First Nations and non-indigenous youth, Francois loves to connect people for positive and meaningful exchanges. Through his role as a member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council in Canada, he advocates for the inclusion of the voices of youth in decision making as well as causes close to his heart including procedural justice and water protection. He believes changing the world starts with changing oneself. 


Raphaël Brunier

-Strategic Consultant-


Raphaël was part of the very first cohort of Changemaker Residency in 2018, and he has continued giving time, advice, and expertise since then to help further Changemaker Residency's mission. He strives for a more sustainable society founded upon new approaches of interdisciplinary collaboration. He currently works with organizations to help them optimize their activities and processes toward environmental and social impact. He loves to jump into new projects, to use arts as a tool for reflection, and to bring people together in order to make systemic and meaningful change.


Diversity as a Strength

We see richness in a diversity of thoughts and actions, and believe that reaching the full potential for change comes from the weaving together of diverse ideas.


Process over Endpoint

We believe life is not about getting to a goal, it’s about enjoying every step.


Critical & Systems Thinking

We strive for the optimal balance between building a complex understanding of an issue and taking action.


Dedication & Perseverance

We dedicate ourselves to our work not because we have to, but because we want to.


Transparency & Copylefting

Contrary to copyrighting, we are a horizontal and transparent organization growing through sharing.

Fulfilling Lifestyles

We strive to make every moment—meals, workshops, transitions—fun and inspirational.


Good Food & Fitness

Education should never compromise our physical or emotional health. We believe it is as important to feed our bodies and hearts as it is to feed our minds. Our evening meals—Dinners with Purpose—are a time for reflection, discussion, and appreciation!​


We continue to find ways of being more and more mindful of our surroundings in our decision-making processes.

Our Values

Are you ready for  the


Our Supporters


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